Reaching clients nationwide, Evinox provides the following expert services:


Evinox specialists are certified to design and install state-of-the-art surveillance/CCTV security equipment that fits the individual client’s needs and budget; including DVR equipment with high end capture cards allows for highest-quality recording of the primary and numerous remote locations on one box. In addition, security IP connections allow around-the-clock visual contact with your residence or business from whatever mobile device or computer you want. We are also expert at installation and monitoring of door entry systems allowing clients to track visitor and employee access, with capabilities to specify timed access. Our complete security system solutions include CCTV security consultation/installation/setup, training and support, and warranty and repair.

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Structured Cabling

Evinox specialists are certified to install infrastructures composed of all types of cable for any voice and data cabling requirements. Our technicians plan and implement cable infrastructures with both customer cost/need and smooth transitioning for future expansion in mind. With your cable infrastructure in our hands, Evinox will design and install a voice or data system that securely, efficiently transfers your information.

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IT Support

Evinox’s certified engineers and technicians design, install, and maintain the most efficient professional and wireless network infrastructures for all sizes of small or medium businesses and enterprises. Our technicians deliver full quality support and value at the lowest cost to clients, consisting of router configuration and upgrade, firewall security and VPN technologies, around-the-clock monitoring and support, among others. Evinox network support includes past and current operating systems for most of which we are authorized service providers. We give expert advice and use best practices on both professional network servers (installation, migration, upgrade, etc) and desktops (virus eradication, OS optimization, and application installation and maintenance).

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Evinox is dedicated to providing the finest, most efficient voice and data communication system networks for clients to stay consistently in touch with customers and contacts, an integral part of the outside world’s perception of the company. To that end, our service and installation team specialists offer complete installation and maintenance of business phone systems as well as upgrades to clients’ existing ones, monthly support contracts and hourly packages, and VoIP Communication system analysis, recommendations, and installation/services packages.

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Retail Support

Since going nationwide, Evinox now offers complete design, installation, and support in the POS market. Our technicians are entirely capable of full point of sale support for all sizes of retail businesses. We have full nationwide onsite support for all sizes of retail outlets. We can diagnose, repair and install all your in store needs across the country.

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