Structured Cabling


The complexities inherent within structured cabling call for expert handling of every detail.

Evinox understands the increasing demands on businesses of every type for secure, expandable, and reliable systems. We are committed to providing client-focused, high-quality service for that unseen, yet essential data-cabling infrastructure within large and small businesses nationwide.

Skilled Service

With certification that spans all the possibilities within copper and fiber installation, structured cabling, and data room construction, the technical specialists at Evinox can be trusted with any infrastructure needs. Our specialists offer their expertise in relocation, expansion, repair, or brand new installation. Commitment to teamwork and knowledge of the latest developments enable Evinox specialists to use their skills in the ways that are best for each company they serve. With a deliberate effort to understand and adjust to the needs of each business, our specialists provide outstanding services within the timetable needed to meet important individual deadlines.

Cost-Effective Quality

Our commitment to high quality doesn’t create high costs. We strive to provide exceptional infrastructure services at prices that are accessible to all types of businesses. With an understanding of the market and economic pressures, Evinox can claim a price/performance metric that is unique among our competitors. By offering a free quotation for structured cabling, fiber installation, or data room construction services, we allow our clients to accurately evaluate and plan. Providing a full warranty with installations is another way that we can communicate our commitment to our customers and our confidence in the quality we’re proud to provide.

Visionary Design

Because of a clear understanding about the natural processes of growth and relocation within our industry, Evinox specializes in providing services that consider these often complicating factors. Our specialists focus on coordinating their service with each member of your staff and team of contractors, designers, inspectors, and vendors to provide the best solutions for the current situation. We engage in data room construction and structured cabling and fiber installation with sensitivity to inevitable growth and change. By choosing to think of future needs as well as immediate, Evinox specialists can be a partner in the vision of each company—rather than a force against it. Contacting Evinox about your infrastructure needs will allow us to begin helping you find the best data room construction, structured cabling, or fiber installation solutions for your new, growing, or relocating company. We are committed to skillfully providing the strong, secure infrastructure that can assist and support your company and your vision.

Our Services include:

  • Free cable infrastructure quotation
  • Design & Installation Expansion of existing cable infrastructure
  • Relocation of Office Infrastructures
  • Voice Cabling Infrastructure Installation
  • Data Cabling Infrastructure Installation
  • Fiber backbone Cable Infrastructure Installation
  • Repair of existing Cable Infrastructure
  • Full Warranty of Cable Installation

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