IT Support


Professional, skilled, and reliable IT support creates an essential peace of mind to every business owner

each individual who understands just how important properly functioning technology is for every dynamic within today’s culture. Without the proper IT support, a recurring nightmare could turn into a devastating disaster for anyone who regularly uses and depends on technology to get just about any job done. Evinox understands the importance of finding IT support that provides a priceless peace of mind to IT systems of all types and sizes. We offer dependable, nationwide IT support plans to all types of businesses that can fit individual needs.

Remote Only Support Plan

With our Remote Only Support Plan, we can reach across the nation anywhere and anytime to anybody. Since this plan includes 24 hour service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, time zones, holidays, and work habits don’t interfere with the quality IT support you need at any possible moment. As our experts respond to your needs, you’ll experience the quality as well as the availability of our services. And you’ll understand why many choose to trust our nationwide company with every IT support need possible.

Onsite Support Plan

Many businesses require the additional support of available experts to make onsite visits. Evinox also provides a plan that meets these needs and spans the nation. We guarantee professional specialists who are fully equipped to serve your company with the quality and care that is making our name trusted across the nation. Testing, monitoring, and a commitment to working individually with you and your software providers enables us to offer you the daily coverage you need. And when the time comes for you to relocate or upgrade, our Evinox specialists will be there to help you out no matter where you’re going in the nation.

Engineer Support Plan

Our highest level of IT support covers the most expansive IT needs, Our engineering specialists are equipped to assist with firewalls, networking infrastructures, router monitoring, and many other needs that demand specific skills and experience. As we manage the most complex IT issues, we monitor, update, and maintain while keeping precise, secure records of your network and the history of the service you receive. By taking personal responsibility for the IT systems each client entrusts to us, we can offer the best procedures and practices in backup, disaster recovery plans, and all types of essential testing.