Every business, no matter what it deals in, has in common the constant threat of theft. With our state-of-the art video surveillance solutions, Evinox is here to help.

Installing video cameras in your business will help deter crime and catch offenders. In addition, video cameras protect you from frivolous lawsuits by helping to clarify what exactly happened in workplace accidents. Because not every business is the same, Evinox takes the time to understand and meet the unique needs of your establishment. We can install surveillance systems ranging from 2 to 100 cameras. We can even provide you with a Security IP connection that allows you see what the cameras are viewing 24/7 from any computer or mobile device. Evinox Security gives you the power to know what is going on at your home or business, and peace of mind knowing that they’re protected. The Evinox Complete Security System Solutions Package Includes: ● CCTV Security Consulation – This is how we determine what security system is best for you. ● CCTV Installation and Set-Up – We take the time to determine the best place to install security cameras to ensure the safety of what is valuable to you. ● Training and Support – A security system is only valuable if it is used properly. At Evinox, we make sure you are thoroughly knowledgeable about every aspect of your security system. ● Warranty and Repair – While we provide the highest quality products available, repairs are inevitably needed on occasion. If you experience any difficulties with your security system, we want to help.

Why CCTV Security?

While some crimes are committed on a whim or because the target looks convenient, most criminals carefully plan a heist before trying to rob a home or business. Just having visible security cameras is often enough to discourage many criminals, or even would be vandals. In addition to deterring crime, video surveillance provides documentation should a crime be committed, making it easier for police to catch those responsible and get your property back to you.

Our Equipment

We realize that you are relying on our equipment to keep your property safe, so we use only the finest digital technology available, including brand names like Geovision, Sony, Panasonic, Pelco, and Honeywell. In addition, our DVRs can record information from multiple remote locations on one box. And because a clear image can make the difference between solving a crime and worthless grainy footage, we exclusively use high end capture cards, guaranteeing you the best recording available.

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