At Evinox, we understand that your business has unique IT and Voice Service needs. Because of this, we strive to keep our service options as customizable as possible. Our wide range of services allows you to choose what works best for your company. Whatever you decide, we’re dedicated to keeping you up and running.


If you’re business is in retail, you use computers for a wide variety of functions, and a single day without them can cripple, or even completely stop, your business. To avoid a situation like this, consider our monthly IT plan. We’ll check for any bugs in your system and make sure you’re as up to date as possible. Avoid a major problem with our monthly IT plan.

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As a commercial business, your needs are constantly changing. Because you have to be as fluid as the market, flexibility in your IT department is a must. Evinox offers an evaluation and auditing service perfect for you needs. We’ll assess the programs you’re running, evaluate how they meet your company’s needs and suggest new programs or minor tweaks as needed.

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Company’s that deal in education have wealth of personal client information stored on computers and servers. With computer hacking and identity theft as some of the more popular 21st century crimes, you need a tough firewall to keep bad guys at bay. So you’ll appreciate a managed firewall service from Evinox designed to keep your computers as secure as possible.

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If you’re heavily invested in your company, it’s only natural that you should want to be able to know what is going on there. And so Evinox has a remote network monitoring system to give you just that access. Anywhere you can get online, you can know what is going on. Get the power of knowledge that Evinox provides today!

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For those in the financial industry, keeping servers and computers secure is a must. With so much sensitive information stored on company computers and the prevalence of cyber hacking, you can’t afford to have a firewall that is less than the best. Evinox will manage your firewall to make sure your computers and your company are as safe as they can be.

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At Evinox, we recognize that hospitality businesses are very time sensitive. If your computers go down, you need them back up right away. So you’ll find on demand IT support from Evinox especially useful. Rest assured, if something is wrong, Evinox can fix it.

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