Evinox, LLC has been providing top quality, cost effective commercial solutions to businesses since 2005 and since going nationwide offers clients countless options fitted specially to their company’s size (both SMB and large) and budget requirements.


Evinox uses CCTV technology when designing and installing commercial business clients’ security systems, whether 2 or 100 cameras are needed. Using a security IP connection allows you to view your location 24-7 from the mobile device or computer of your choice, and DVR monitoring of one or multiple remote locations on the same box provides around-the-clock recording, should footage of a crime ever be needed. Evinox technicians are also certified to design and install the door entry system necessary for any commercial business. A door entry system will restrict access to those supervisors and staff you wish at predetermined times and keep unwanted intruders or unauthorized employees from entering private portions of the business specified by you, the client.

IT Support

Evinox offers monthly and on-demand (as needed from 2 to 50 hours) IT support to all sizes of commercial businesses. Our remote-only support plans cover any emergency our clients might have any day of the year, 24-7. Because our services are nationwide, Evinox IT support teams also provide onsite help at any location when needed. With your company’s size and budget in mind, Evinox keeps watch over your commercial business network so you don’t have to; therefore, we also offer cost effective engineer support for your company’s network infrastructure as well as monitoring and security for every router, firewall, server (network and email), access point, and many more devices susceptible to viruses and other software issues. Should any server or desktop computer need maintenance, our support staff is fully capable of eliminating viruses, upgrading necessary software and operating systems, and guiding the client to achieve the most efficient, longest lasting network possible.


Your commercial business’ communication with customers and other companies alike is of utmost importance to Evinox. Our technicians specialize in designing and implementing the most cost effective, efficient voice and data network systems possible, from the cable infrastructures themselves to support contracts and hourly packages to maintain or upgrade your existing one. Other services include best practice installation, expansion, or relocation of voice and data cable infrastructures as well as system upgrades, analysis, and recommendations. As you consider expansion our team works with yours on every level. CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE