Evinox, LLC has serviced clients since 2005; today as a nationwide company our specialists are fully certified and equipped to provide solutions for educational institutions of all sizes.

Full Security Capabilities

An indispensable component of any educational institution, whether staff and students reside on or off campus, is security. Evinox technicians will design and implement for you the security system most feasible with your needs and within your budget. We use CCTV security cameras for the clearest activity recording possible as a deterrent to crime. With the functionality of a security IP connection you can view any area easily via computer or mobile device 24-7, and DVR monitoring provides an accurate activity record of one or multiple locations of your educational institution at all times. Evinox is also certified to install door entry systems to your specifications to limit the access of staff, students, and visitors to any location for any preset timeframe you wish.

Complete IT Support

Accurate record keeping—attendance, grades, student and office files—containing sensitive information is absolutely essential to any educational institution and its security vital. Our Evinox teams provide complete IT support, both onsite and remote, whenever you need it. We offer monthly service plans and packages based on the amount of time you and your budget require. Evinox provides nationwide accessibility, and whether desktop, server, or complete network support, our IT teams are equipped to offer 24-7 help every day of the year. Should high level support be needed, we are able to provide back-up and monitoring for your entire network infrastructure including all access points, routers, firewall security, and many more.


Various types of networks are at the heart of any educational institution, whether accessed by students, staff, faculty, or office personnel. Therefore, Evinox technicians specialize in the design and implementation of these voice and data systems. We are certified to plan and install the entire voice or data cable infrastructure suited to your size and cost needs. In addition, we provide the services needed to securely monitor, maintain, upgrade, or relocate your voice or data system network—with future expansion in mind. To ascertain the efficiency of your system, Evinox also offers auditing options to help us help you optimize your network.