Evinox has been delivering top-quality IT services for those in the financial industry since 2005. We provide our nationwide client base with the best security solutions, IT support, and telecommunications options.

Online Security

Cyberhacking presents a serious threat to financial institutions. The protection of your clients’ sensitive information depends on a hacker-proof firewall and close monitoring of network activity. At Evinox, we are committed to protecting the integrity of your firewalls and servers to ensure that sensitive information remains confidential. Our monthly service plans include regular virus scan updates, security fixes, backup system monitoring, and disaster recovery plans. You’ll also receive round-the-clock network monitoring and alerts, letting you know immediately of security breaches. If you need on-site assistance, Evinox technicians will provide the highest quality support to keep your information safe.

IT Support

In addition to monitoring the security of your network, our technicians will also help you design and install the most efficient network infrastructure available for your business. Our remote monitoring service keeps track of your email servers, network servers, access points, firewalls, and other network devices, ensuring that you receive immediate alerts regarding downtimes. Monthly service support plans provide proactive maintenance and monitoring to ensure that your networks remain online and reliable. We also provide nationwide on-site tech support, offering you the lowest cost solution for having a technician troubleshoot problems or complete projects.

CCTV Security

Protect your physical location with our state-of-the-art security cameras. Our cameras not only help you monitor your entryways and secure on-site locations, but also serve to deter would-be thieves. Place cameras strategically to keep an eye on those entering and leaving your building as well as observing employee and customer access to restricted areas. Our CCTV solutions include consultation, training and support to help you get the most out of your system, and warranty and repair for system hardware.


You rely on your telecommunication network to keep your business running every day. Evinox is committed to providing the best in quality telecommunication services including system installations, upgrades, monthly maintenance packages, and VoIP installation, analysis, and service. We will work closely with you to determine the specific needs of your company and provide the best practices at the best cost. Evinox’s nationwide service plans help you keep your business running securely and efficiently. When security concerns arise, our technicians will be there to keep your information safe and your business protected.