Since 2005 Evinox, LLC has been providing clients with expert, cost effective solutions. Having broadened to nationwide status, Evinox offers solutions to retail locations, both large and small or medium business markets. Whether your concern is the setup of a security system, installation of voice and data network systems, or the design of a point-of-sale network specific to the needs of your retail location, our Evinox specialist teams are ready to meet any challenge.

Tailor-made Retail Design and Implementation

Unfortunately, many times today the expenditure of prosecuting shoplifters is higher than the actual value of the pilfered merchandise, leading numerous retail locations to avoid the cost of court cases. One of the most important deterrents to theft, and thereby loss of sales, is a properly established security system. Our Evinox technicians are able to advise and implement a system to meet both your business size and budget constraints. With 24 hour recording and remote monitoring surveillance available, you can safely conduct business, knowing what is taking place in your retail locations at all times. Evinox understands that stable, continuous communication with partnering businesses and customers is a vital part to the success of your company. We provide skilled design and implementation in both voice and data network systems and various cost effective maintenance packages suited to your needs. In addition, Evinox specialists can design and implement or upgrade and repair the necessary cable infrastructure for your secure voice or data system. Are you thinking about expanding? Having expanded nationwide ourselves, we plan your company’s network infrastructure with the most trouble-free future growth possible in mind. A fully functional and efficiently operating point-of-sale network is a must for any retail location. Evinox has now entered the POS market and is capable of providing full support, both onsite and remote, for any size network.

Ongoing Technical Support

To meet the requirements of individual clients, we make available hourly and monthly support options as well as installation, maintenance, or upgrade packages for every need. Evinox knows the importance of keeping both equipment and network services functioning properly at all times in the retail industry. When your communication system or point-of-sale network goes down, your employees (and certainly the customers) most likely don’t know why. Besides regular firewall security, router monitoring, and other network protection issues, the IT support teams at Evinox provide that necessary back-up, remotely and onsite, when emergencies happen.